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Escape Preparations
Why leave Babylon? Where are you escaping from? How long did it take to decide to leave? What preparations need to be made?
1 1 The Departure of a Black Man ...
by serenitypeace
Financial Preparations
How much money does it take to escape Babylon? A lot? A little? Somewhere in between? How can you get or save enough money to leave? How have others done it?
4 4 So can you survive without a ...
by serenitypeace
Material Preparations
What tangible Items are essential for escaping Babylon? What do you need to take with you or leave behind?
1 1 Would You Attend A Survivalis...
by serenitypeace
Misc. 1 1 Fallout Shelters for less tha...
by serenitypeace
The Americas
About places to escape to in The Americas. Locations? What documents? Demographics? Have you been there? Your experiences? Immigration procedures?
9 9 A Website for Camping in the ...
by serenitypeace
Caribbean Islands
About places to escape to in the Caribbean. Locations? What travel documents are needed? Demographics? Where have you been? Your experiences? Immigration procedures?
2 2 "Rent homes from amazing Musl...
by serenitypeace
Africa & Other Continents
About places to escape to in Mother Africa and other Continents. Locations? What travel documents are needed? Demographics? Where have you been? Your experiences? Immigration procedures?
3 3 Benu Village Intentional Livi...
by serenitypeace
Misc. 1 1 Anyone Every been "WWOOF-ing"...
by serenitypeace
About existing people or groups currently living outside of Babylon. Their names? Locations? Affiliations? Beliefs? Social Media links and pages?
3 3 Want To Escape The Modern Wor...
by serenitypeace
Communal Living
About Communal Living, Intentional Living, Sustainable Living, Living "Off-Grid", Tiny Houses, Naturalists, Nomads, Lone Wolves….
1 1 Have You Every Wanted To Live...
by serenitypeace
Non-Babylon ways of defining relationships and relating to family, friends, loved ones and our environments.
1 1 Would You Accept A Polyamoro...
by serenitypeace
Misc. 2 2 DO you dream of downsizing? H...
by serenitypeace
     The Spirit
World Religions 2 2 A Contrast Between Biblical C...
by serenitypeace
Astrology 1 1 Get Your Natal Chart (Must kn...
by serenitypeace
New Age 1 1 Guide To The 7 Chakras - For ...
by serenitypeace
African Deities 1 1 OSHUN THE AFRICAN GODDESS OF ...
by serenitypeace
Dream Interpretation 1 1 Do you Keep A Dream Diary?
by serenitypeace
Meditation Practices 1 1 7 STEPS TO MEDITATION
by serenitypeace
     The Arts
Poetry 1 1 My favorite Rumi quote...what...
by serenitypeace
by serenitypeace
Television 0 0 No posts
Books 2 2 Creating a Life Together: Pra...
by serenitypeace
Art & Photography 0 0 No posts
Film & Video 3 1 Living Out Of Her Car...
by serenitypeace
     The Foods
Vegetarian 1 1 Who Wants To Start On A Veget...
by serenitypeace
Gardening 1 1 The Best Winter Herbs to Grow...
by serenitypeace
Vegan 1 1 How to Become a Vegan: 12 Tip...
by serenitypeace
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     The News
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     The Exchange
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